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Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Destroy Windows XP Through Command-Line

Command-line commands can be very powerful. They can dig real deep into the system and perform actions many people who aren't skilled with a system wouldn't expect.

Today I did something simple. I ran a very easy command that removed many (important) files from my system. Of course, the command to delete (del) can be done in the most un-malicious way possible. Deleting a virus, for example, can be done using the command prompt. But when you decide to delete everything instead of one thing, you can cause major havoc.

Here is a similar command that can be used to yield a similar result as this video: del /f /q /s "C:\*.*"

del = delete
/f = force (will shut down open files if needed)
/q = quietly (will not prompt you with a confirmation of yes or no for deletion)
/s = subfolders (will delete all files in all subdirectories and not just the current one)

(View in full screen 720p)

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